An upward price movement.
See recovery. The CENTER ONLINE Futures Glossary
An upward movement of prices . Opposite of reaction. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
An upward movement of prices following a decline. The opposite of a reaction. Chicago Mercantile Exchange Glossary
A sudden rise in the value of a share or market performance after a long fall. Financial Services Glossary

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rally ral‧ly [ˈræli] verb rallied PTandPP rallying PRESPART [intransitive] FINANCE
if prices of shares, currencies etc rally, they rise again after falling:

• Stock prices rallied this afternoon after earlier falls.

• Volvo B shares rallied 5 Swedish kronor to 398 kronor.

— rally noun [countable] :

• a powerful stock market rally

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   General trading term for when a whole market or sector reverses a previous general fall, or moves up from a narrow trading range.

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rally UK US /ˈræli/ noun [C] (plural rallies)
STOCK MARKET a sudden increase in share prices after a period when they have been falling or there has been low activity: a rally in sth »

The shares of gold mining companies were boosted by a rally in bullion prices.

spark/cause/trigger a rally »

News of the retail industry's first-quarter profits triggered a rally in share prices.

stage/enjoy a rally »

Major oil producers staged a rally despite weaker prices for crude oil.

a powerful/sharp/strong rally »

After a powerful rally last year, stocks have languished for the first quarter of this year.


a market/price/stock rally


a brief/late/early rally

POLITICS a large public meeting where a lot of people show their support for something: attend/hold a rally »

The anti-war rally was attended by around 5,000 people.


speak at/address a rally


a campaign/political/protest rally


an election rally

rally UK US /ˈræli/ verb [I]
STOCK MARKET to improve after a period of falling share prices or of low activity : »

The company's stocks rallied after an initial fall.

rally against sth »

The pound rallied against the dollar in trading today.

rally from/to sth »

Shares in the retailer rallied to 257p after dropping to 230p last month.

rally (by) 10 points/20%/1p, etc. »

The Nasdaq rallied 41% to hit 2313.85.


rally sharply/strongly

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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